Vitamin C Can Kill Colorectal Cancer Cells!

Whilst we’ve known about the beneficial effects of high-dose nutrient therapy thanks to Dr Andrew Saul for years, it’s exciting to see even more new research revealing the role of nutrient therapy in cancer.

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer in the US, with about 93,090 new cases each year. Around 50% of those cases involve mutations in the KRAS and BRAF genes; these forms of the disease are more aggressive and do not respond well to current therapies or chemotherapy.

Vitamin C is generally thought to improve health because of its antioxidant effect, which prevents or delays some types of cell damage.

However, a team led by Dr. Lewis Cantley, of Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, NY, discovered that in the case of the KRAS and BRAF forms of CRC, the opposite was true.

In these cancer cells, high-dose vitamin Cs caused oxidation, resulting in what could be a beneficial effect for patients. They found that in cell cultures and mice, high doses of vitamin C – equivalent to around 300 oranges – impaired the growth of KRAS and BRAF mutant colorectal tumors.

They now hope that the findings could lead to the development of new treatments and provide critical insights into who would most benefit from them.  | NEXT – In an oxygen-rich environment such as human arteries…


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